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Debbullans Wish List:

Debbullan makes history on hundreds of dollars per year. Imagine what we can do with the right tools!


     A new computer hard drive / HAS BEEN DONATED

Our 9 year old hard drive is now a source for parts!


     Internet Connection

Our current connection is dial up. Hours are spent where minutes exist.

Give us a year or more of high speed server.


     Lap Top

Away from the office is away from work.
Days and weeks have been spent away from the office with ample opportunity to work if computer was easily accessed.


     Internet Code Certification

All electronic donation transactions held on are performed and secured by PayPal To expand optionally, code based tutelage certification begins at $5.00 per day / $1825.00 per year at Not only does the American Red Cross subscribe to Hackersafe. Macafee subscribes to Hackersafe. Why does Debbullan Inc. wish to subscribe to Hackersafe? Among the best in the nonprofit industry and among the best in the Web Protection service testify this service is necessary for YOUR safety.



Grant a wish or help to grant a wish

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Why you? Debbullan Inc. uses grass roots effort to achieve its goals.
If you do not support us. We do not continue.
Debbullan exists because of your support.

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