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    September 09, 2011



    Fort Worth, Texas June 17, 2008 Debbullan Inc. officially announces “SIGN 4 C”, a new awareness campaign to raise positive awareness of Hepatitis C. The “SIGN 4 C” campaign was created to ask the question "Do you support positive awareness of Hep C?" when you can't get close enough to ask the question verbally. By using the sign language symbol for the letter "C" anyone can participate anywhere in the world.

    The official website for the campaign is Anyone can find Instructions, suggestions along with stories and pictures of people who have already begun “Signing for C”. A selection of “Sign 4 C” gear is also available. There is 10 cent to one dollar mark-up over the cost of each piece of merchandise.

    "Success of the campaign begins the moment anyone asks the question "What does that mean?”. So, in fact, it is already a success" says Nancy Gelzinis, President of Debbullan Inc. When asked how the campaign was created Gelzinis says, "I was attending a very large presentation. I wanted to ask the speaker if they supported the cause. How do I ask, especially in this huge, loud group of people? I thought of ways we all non-verbally communicate internationally; the “peace” sign, the “victory” sign, the “call me” sign. The silent sign “C” was the answer. I thought how perfectly appropriate this was, since Hepatitis C is known as the ‘silent' killer”.

    About Hepatitis C:
    Hepatitis C is the largest single blood born virus on earth. Passed along only through infected blood, the Hepatitis C Virus causes the disease Hepatitis C. The virus shares being the very first virus known to cause cancer with Hepatitis B. Hepatitis C has no cure. There is a treatment that works 50% of the time, genotype and race specific. Around the world there are over 200 million people who carry the disease. In the United States alone there are 5 million people infected. 60% do not know they are infected.

    About Debbullan Inc.:
    Debbullan, Inc is a five-year old 501 (c)(3) Charitable Corporation based in Fort Worth, Texas. Debbullan is at the world forefront of raising awareness of Hep C. In 2007 “Everything is Possible”, the very first internationally supported musical concert to raise Hep C awareness, was produced by Debbullan in Dallas, Texas. Word of “Everything is Possible 2007” was put in front of over 200,000 people in 13 countries. Musicians and concert-goers joined in support of the idea that everyone should help make a difference regarding raising Hep C awareness…Hepatitis C does indeed exist and people are dying from being infected with it.



    Everything Is Possible 2007

    October 1, 2007

    Dallas, Texas

    Belgium and Spain media have reported on a free event that will take place in Dallas Saturday, October 13 at the Sons Of Hermann (Voted Best Live Music Venue in 2006 Dallas Observer Reader's Poll) 3414 Elm @ Exposition doors open at 2pm. The event is called Everything Is Possible 2007 and it is presented by the 501(c)(3) Charitable Corporation Debbullan Inc. based in Fort Worth, Texas. Everything is Possible 2007 is not your normal blitz of volunteer Bands playing back to back until closing at 2 am for a great cause. Musicians are traveling Internationally to take part in Everything Is Possible 2007.

    Two bands from Belgium and one from Spain will make the trip. France, Italy and Mexico tried…sponsorship was not available.

    People with MySpace pages have been personally promoting this event for over 4 months by flying banners. People liked the idea of this event enough to create their own banners. Six of the seven versions were supporter created. The banners are viewable to well over 200,000 people on MySpace. All demographics and many countries are represented: United States of America, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Mexico, France and Australia. View demographics here:

    But this was not the "main" news reported in international media venues (links provided below) The news reported was about musicians coming to America to join other musicians here and raise their voices in song for over 200 million people that have been told not to. Everything Is Possible 2007 is about an internationally unified effort to break the silence surrounding Hepatitis C. The Hepatitis C Virus is the leading blood born disease on the earth outnumbering HIV by 5 to 1 in the US. Yet around the world it's 200 million victims remain virtually silent. For Everything Is Possible 2007 people (victims and non victims) have spoken from around the world cheering the participants for trying to make a positive difference from Dallas, Texas.

    Below please find media reports from Belgium and Spain. The list of performers donating their musical sets can be found at []

    BELGIUM: Nieuwsblad, the largest Newspaper in the Flanders section of Belgium placed the participation of the two bands traveling from Brussels to Dallas on the front page of their on line addition and presented the same in their printed this weekend. The writer is: Michel Janssens...

    Radio: Pierre Elitair a staple of Antwerp on Radio Centraal 107.6 has interviewed Belgian participants of Everything Is Possible 2007 in the past and plans to again upon his return from holiday in Egypt any day now. ...


    Radio: Super Nova Pop interviewed Participants of Madrid just recently

    Open Source Radio: Feb 17

    Newspaper: Que' had a publication about our Spanish participants on June 6




    July 1, 2007 Spring Hill, Florida

    On July 4 Terry Martin Hallo will release a music video for download by the public. The title of this Iraq/Vietnam War focused creation is "Children Left Behind".

    The music video tells a story of how ‘the children left behind by fathers lost in Vietnam are now serving in the armed forces. Too many of these grown children are now leaving their own Children behind.’ The video includes emotional images of both wars as well as depicts representatives of both wars virtually passing each other in one of the many Veteran Cemeteries in America.

    The video will be offered for download for $5.00. Terry Martin Hallo is donating 50% of all proceeds (ad infinitum) made to Debbullan Inc., a 501(C)(3) Charitable Corporation who has created a fund for the research for a cure of Hepatitis C.

    The Hepatitis C Virus has infected 1 in every 50 people in the US and 200 million people worldwide.

    Hep C inordinately infects VIETNAM Veterans.

    You can download the video from this website: ###

    Since this press release our agreement with Mr. Hallo has changed.
    Proceeds from downloads will be awarded to the organzation of Mr. Hallo's choice.
    This may or may not include Debbullan Inc.
    We continue to salute Mr. Hallo for his generosity.



    2.4 Million In The Dark

    CDC Anticipates Release of Information Shortly

    Watauga, Texas January 2, 2005 Over half (60%) of the 4 Million people in the US known to carry the Hepatitis C Virus have tested positive for the disease but have not retrieved their results. Unpublished data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been confirmed by Debbullan Inc. with the assistance of the American Liver Foundation. The CDC is expected to release this statistic in the next few months.

    Nancy Gelzinis, President of Debbullan, is quoted as saying: "Regardless of an individual's decision to seek treatment, Debbullan Inc. urges that test results be retrieved. Containment of this pandemic [world-wide epidemic] can only begin with personal awareness."

    Hepatitis C: Cause and Affect
    Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). HCV is known as "The Silent Killer" due to the fact once victims are diagnosed with
    • Liver Cancer
    • Cirrhosis of the Liver
    • Liver Failure
    The named cause, Hepatitis C, is normally dropped from use. Hep C is the number one cause for liver transplants in the US. Transmission of the disease is caused by direct exposure to infected blood or blood products. 1 in 50 victims in the US are known to be infected with the disease, 1 in 15 world wide. There is no cure for the disease. A treatment exists that can lower the most common American genotype to undetectable levels for 50% of people that attempt it.

    HCV infection in America outnumbers HIV by 4 to 1. With HIV infection affecting one million Americans, 4 million are infected by HCV. The high numbers are attributed to how easily transmittable HCV is. In one drop of HIV infected blood one to five particles of the virus may exist, where as one drop of HCV infected blood may contain one hundred thousand particles. Another reason is that for 80% of victims there are no symptoms the disease has been contracted. Therefore the victim can unknowingly transmit the disease to others.

    Testing for the following individuals is highly recommended by universal advocates for HCV awareness.

    • Veterans of the military from the Vietnam War
    • Medical professionals handling blood and blood products
    • Anyone receiving a blood transfusion prior to 1992
    • Anyone receiving hemodialysis treatment prior to 1992
    • Anyone that has ever experimented, even once, with illegal intravenous drug use.
    • Anyone accidentally stuck with a used syringe

    Gelzinis makes this plea to the public "Let 2006 be the year that we change the silent control Hep C has on our lives and health care costs by bringing our focus toward containing this disease and helping research find a cure. Hepatitis C is and will continue to be responsible for skyrocketing insurance costs. It does affect us all."


    Published in The Cleburne Times Review November 2005

    Nancy Gelzinis, President of the non-profit organization, Debbullan, Inc., spoke to the Cleburne Lions Club about the coming free informational seminar for patients, family members and health educators dealing with Hepatitis C. The seminar will be held 7 to 9 p.m., Thursday, Nov 10, 2005, in the Walls Regional Hospital basement conference room. Speakers will be Gelzinis and Dr. Shahid Aziz, an expert in Hepatitis C, a liver disease caused by a virus. Almost 4 million people in the U.S. are known to carry the virus which is spread by direct exposure to infected blood. RSVP: 1-800-353-7896 by Nov 8, 2005.

     About Debbullan Inc.

    Debbullan Inc., based in Watauga, Texas is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization. Founded in November 2004 Debbullan is dedicated to raising public awareness toward under funded, under focused public assistance or research programs. Each year Debbullan adds another cause to bring to public attention.


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